Safe and healthy chatrooms

Aiba is the Ai-digital moderator that can read, understand and determine grooming attempts and abuse as it happens.

A digital guardian an advisor

While a human quickly loose track following several conversations, Aiba never gets tired and can monitor hundred thousands of conversations simultaneously.


Trained and tested on typical chat-text


Accurate profiling of age group and gender


Detects grooming attempts on average in less than 20 messages

Key Stroke Dynamics and message analysis combined with conversation risk scoring

Aiba outperform the best

Fake profile detection

Based on metadata from a chatter (age and gender), Aiba is trained to distinguish between men and women and determine the age group of a chatter. By analyzing how the chatter types and their writing style (keystroke dynamics and stylometry) AiBA can reveal if the person chatting is not who it pretends to be.

Continuous risk rating

Aiba continuously track conversations and rates messages with a risk score based on content, language, imagery and sound. This accumulates to a conversation risk score. High risk conversations get flagged in the moderators dashboard for further review.