Raise Quality

Boost Efficency

Gain Insights

Stay Compliant

Moderator Superpowers

Real-time protection from grooming, fake profiles
and toxic behavior

The Amanda AI-powered child protection platform vastly outperform human moderators in detecting online predatory content and unwanted behavior.

Gain user trust and boost engagement by offering a safe haven to play and make friends. Build and cultivate your community with insights on every level.

The AI-powered child protection platform

Raise Protection Quality

Gain your users trust & loyalty by increased community health. Children are our – and your platforms most valuable asset. They deserve the best of care on your platform.

Gain insights

Get to know your users. Understand player behavior, refine strategies and keep evolving. Get a birds-eye view on your community. Amanda will provide valuable insights on player behavior, content and incidents at every level.

Boost Efficiency & Save costs

Let our AI do the heavy lifting and increase moderation efficiency by up to 30x. Empower the moderators to focus on the issues that really matter with automated sanctioning and filtering.

Stay compliant

Sleep easy knowing you’re aligned with major safety regulations. Regulations are enforced in the US, and are coming across the EU, UK, and Australia by 2024. Amanda will make compliance easy.

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Vernon Jones
Head of Safety
Moviestar Planet

Vernon Jones
Head of Safety
Moviestar Planet