Safe digital lives

Real-time detection of
fake profiles, grooming and toxicity

Digital lives came faster than we had time to react

As more and more of our children’s lives are being lived on digital platforms, these have become the hunting grounds for sexual predators and other individuals with cruel intentions. Keeping our children safe in real life is hard enough, keeping up with their activities and encounters online is close to impossible.

The internet needs some Aiba

Of internet users are under 18 years old and have received unwanted sexual invitations online.

Companies are searching for better and more cost effective solutions that require less manual moderation.

Safe and healthy chatrooms

Aiba is the Ai-digital moderator that can read, understand and determine grooming attempts and abuse as it happens.

A digital guardian and advisor

While a human quickly loose track following several conversations, Aiba never gets tired and can monitor hundred thousands of conversations simultaneously.


Trained and tested on typical chat-text


Accurate profiling of age group and gender


Detects grooming attempts in less than 20 messages



Aiba is the result of many years of intensive academic research and publications.
We will continue to work in close collaboration with the research environment which Aiba arose from.

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