We are celebrating the Safer Internet Day today!

On that occasion we have made a list on measures you can take to protect your child’s digital life.


1) Talk about online safety

Talk to your children about online safety and encourage them to talk to you if they have any concerns or come across anything that makes them feel uncomfortable – even if they have failed and done something they shouldn´t.


2) Educate on good digital hygiene

Teach your child good digital hygiene and how to spot potential scams and phishing attempts. Sometimes people pretending to be someone they are not and may have bad intentions. Never share pictures or do  go on a video call with them.


3) Play with your child

Take the time to understand what type of games, social media, websites or other content they are consuming. Set rules for internet use, screen time and check in regularly to see what your child is viewing and doing online.


4) Safeguard personal information

Use strong passwords and make sure your child is aware of how to protect their personal information by not sharing it online. Do not use the same username across different platforms.


5) Disable location services

Disable location services on your child’s devices so that they can’t be tracked by strangers.


You can read more about Safer Internet Day 2023 here and how you can get involved.