Our AI-powered moderator tool Amanda is dedicated to safeguarding children online, whether they’re gaming or using social media. We’re thrilled to attend the FOSI European Forum 2023, where we aim to forge connections and collaborate with like-minded individuals and organizations working towards a safer online world for children and their families.

Our innovative AI-powered moderator tool actively monitors and filters harmful content in real-time. By utilizing advanced natural language processing algorithms, we combat cyberbullying, grooming, explicit material, and other forms of online abuse. Our goal is to create a secure digital space where children can learn, connect, and explore without fear.

Attending the FOSI European Forum 2023 offers us the opportunity to showcase our solution, collaborate with experts, and shape effective regulations. By engaging policymakers and industry leaders, we can contribute to a safer online environment for children. We also look forward to receiving valuable feedback and insights to refine and enhance our tool.

Together, we can create a brighter and safer digital future for children and their families.