♥️ Aiba – safe digital lives ♥️ 

We create safe digital lives for kids and young people through real-time detection of fake profiles, grooming and toxicity in online games and social media.  

It´s been busy days since we ate Napoleons cake with the Mayor of Gjøvik and established Aiba AS April 1st. With almost 8,5 mnok in funding from dream team of early phase investors and soft funding from Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Research Conuncil, we have runway for the next 16-18 months. Our focus now is to get the team up to full production speed and start building the first version of the real-time text-based moderator tool. You can read more about our journey in DNComputerworld,  NRK , Hamar Arbeiderblad, Oppland Arbeiderblad and Norwegian SciTech News.

🌱 We are growing and hiring 🚀

We are about to look and feel like a company, and the Aiba team has just filled up a mid-size car – and soon in need of a minivan 🚗  We are so happy to have Marcus on board, our brand new out-of-the-box Data scientist 🤩

We will hire another 1-3 persons the next 6-9 months, and are looking for the right team players with the right mindset within commercial (partnership, sales, marketing) or tech (UX designer, developer, Mlops) domene. Please shout out 📣 if this is you or someone you might know.

Still wondering if we are a “real” 👩‍💼 and serious company 👔? Well, please check out our amazing board of directors. In addition to our amazing team, they guide us in the right direction: Lars Lydersen (chairperson), Anne Lise WaalRalph Natter BergPatrick Bours and Gard Støe 🌟

🎮 We are looking for more passionate gaming and social media customers 👬

We have during summer received real life chat data with over 50 million chat lines from our pilots, and we are now training our models on these data sets. We have som good initial results, and open up for 3-5 more pilots. We are happy to get in contact with gaming and social media companies who has kids and young people on their platforms. In our projects we work closely with our customers and help them solve issues with cyber grooming and toxicity. If this is you or you want to give an intro to relevant industry experts or key persons  – well, give us a hint and we will be forever grateful 🙏

☕️ Meet us – like us 😍

Curios about who we are, what we do and why we want to make a better world? Please reach out or meet us at;

Hege Tokerud, CEO Aiba AS, hege@aiba.ai